Centre for Public Integrity

Briefing paper

Who pays the piper? Donations to federal political parties 1998/99 – 2019/2020

Under the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 (Cth), disclosures are required of political parties and donors. This analysis collates and categorises disclosures made to the Australian Electoral Commission by both donors and political parties over the period 1998/99 – 2019/2020.
Briefing paper

Delay and decay: Australia’s freedom of information crisis

Australia’s freedom of information regime continues to be undermined in practice by inordinate delay, under-resourcing and the abuse of statutory exceptions. In light of these problems, the Centre for Public Integrity outlines a number of recommendations for reform in this briefing paper.

How and why to regulate false political advertising in Australia

This open access book provides political, legal and public interest justifications for truth in election advertising legislation and examines the history and state of play of legal experiments with such legislation in Australia.
Position paper

Designing the National Integrity Commission: critical design details

This position paper outlines what the Centre for Public Integrity believes are the essential elements that should form the design of a National Integrity Commission for Australia.
Briefing paper

Seal the barrel: a new robust system for the administration of government grants

This paper argues that there is an urgent need to create a grants administration framework that facilitates transparency and accountability.