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Lean Construction Institute


Broken industry

Lean Design and Construction represents a set of proven solutions to a siloed capital project delivery industry characterized by stagnant productivity, schedule delays, budget overruns and dissatisfied clients. Lean thinking and processes deliver better employee retention and quality of life, safer worksites, reduced project waste...

Getting started with Lean

On this web page you'll find excerpts from the Lean Construction Institute's recent publication, Transforming Design & Construction, and The Last Planner Production System Workbook. Please use these materials to help you get started on your Lean journey.

Team partner selection

In the Team Partner Selection video, Dave Roberts explains how crucial it is to have the right people in the right place on the right project when using Lean concepts. Watch this video and the others in a series of 12 videos highlighting key chapters...

Lean construction overview

In the Lean Construction Overview video, you can learn why and how Lean project delivery leads to higher quality and lower costing projects.

Project Conditions of Satisfaction (CoS)

Learn the secret sauce to outperforming traditional project delivery methods in the Project Conditions of Satisfaction (CoS) video from the series of 12 based on key chapters from LCI's 'Transforming Design and Construction: A Framework for Change'.