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Why Lean Design and Construction? Lean Design and Construction represents a set of proven solutions to a siloed capital project delivery industry characterized by stagnant productivity, schedule delays, budget overruns and dissatisfied clients. Lean represents a proven remedy for the conflict-ridden, high-stress environment of project delivery that exacts a tremendous human toll on all participants, and impacts our ability to attract and retain the people we need. What is Lean Design and Construction? Lean Design and Construction is a comprehensive system of processes and behaviors that re-integrates our siloed industry into high-performing success-oriented teams, committed to collaboration, innovation, knowledge-sharing and interpersonal respect. Lean thinking and processes deliver better employee retention and quality of life, safer worksites, reduced project waste, and greater project value. The Lean Construction Institute - LCI will help you tap the education, resources, and support you need to implement Lean Design and Construction on your projects. The Institute is the home of an extensive national community of owners, designers, builders, and consultants who support one another and are transforming performance on their projects through the Lean discipline.

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