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National Regulators Community of Practice


The community of practice began as an informal network of Victorian regulators inspired by Harvard Professor Malcolm Sparrow’s ANZSOG workshops.

Since 2018 and buoyed by the strong interest from around Australia, the Victorian community of practice has gone national under ANZSOG’s auspice, with active chapters in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia.


Improving regulatory language: its contribution to regulatory capability

This article discusses the language that frames thought, which in turn produces knowledge, and is critical for regulators - especially when this knowledge informs their regulatory practices and regulatory interventions.

The ‘secret life’ of national uniform legislation and pandemic management

National uniform legislation underpins major national reforms in Australia and harmonisation initiatives are a necessary part of working within a federal system. This article describes the three main ways laws and regulations are harmonised and seeks ways to avoid the mistakes of previous harmonisation efforts.

Avoiding regulatory capture and regulatory discord

The relationship between a regulator and the organisations it regulates – like any relationship – should never be taken for granted. Much media attention is given to regulators who are too close to the entities they regulate. This article also discusses the opposite end of...

‘Red tape’ and ‘beige tape’: what are they and why do they matter?

In this article, strategist and facilitator, Adam Beaumont, recommends regulators focus on their underlying objectives and practices when implementing regulatory rules and approach, and don’t let poor practice tie up duty holders in ‘beige tape’.

Regulatory capability: what does it mean and how do we acquire it?

In a field which has traditionally relied heavily upon ‘on the job’ training and deep domain knowledge, what would a system-wide regulatory capability approach look like?  How can we best equip regulators to operate effectively in the new normal and to see themselves as part...