Office of the Inspectorate (NZ)

Owning Institution:

The Inspectorate became part of the Department of Corrections when the Department was separated from the then Department of Justice in 1995.

The current Office of the Inspectorate was established under the Corrections Act 2004 as a dedicated complaints resolution, investigation and assurance function. The Office is independent of prison management, and its staff are independent of the activities they review.

Inspectors can also investigate complaints from offenders in the community.

In early 2017, the Office of the Inspectorate was enhanced to provide greater assurance about the fair, safe, secure and humane treatment of prisoners, operational issues and best practice, and any emerging risks in relation to prisons.

The Inspectorate now has a Chief Inspector, two Principal Inspectors and 14 inspectors, along with other specialist and support staff.


The lived experience of women in prison: thematic report

Women in prison in New Zealand share common experiences with imprisoned women around the world. This report explores the lived experience of women in New Zealand prisons.

Thematic report: older prisoners

This thematic inspection provides insight into the current treatment of, and conditions experienced by, older prisoners. It provides the Department of Corrections with an early warning of the risks and challenges associated with managing older prisoners.