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Briefing paper

Renewable energy industrial precincts: scaling up industrial decarbonisation through a coordinated approach

Renewable energy industrial precincts are a practical solution to scale up and accelerate climate solutions in carbon-intensive industries. The right standardising regulations, incentives and policies would offer industry the chance to capitalise on Australia’s abundant clean energy sources as global markets shift towards decarbonisation.
Briefing paper

Defining zero carbon homes for a climate resilient future

The Climateworks team undertook an extensive literature review of a range of academic and grey literature to examine existing definitions for zero carbon buildings. This information was collated and qualitatively examined to uncover key themes across the sources.
Policy report

Government climate action: leading policies and programs in Australia

This report analyses targets, policies and programs announced by Australian federal, state and territory governments, with a focus on policies introduced since the publication of a previous report in 2021 on state and territory climate action.
Policy report

Accelerating EV uptake: policies to realise Australia's electric vehicle potential

The global shift to electric vehicles (EVs) is well underway, but Australia’s EV uptake lags behind the trend. This report argues for fuel efficiency standards and other regulatory signals to accelerate and support Australia’s EV transition.

Living within limits: adapting the planetary boundaries to understand Australia’s contribution to planetary health

This report summarises work undertaken through the Land Use Futures program to adapt the planetary boundaries to the Australian context. It outlines how Australia is tracking against its share of five of the planetary boundaries and considers how the land use sector is both contributing...