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The Insight Centre


Learning starts at the local library: the role of NSW public libraries in solving the State’s early literacy crisis

The evidence presented in the report demonstrates that with the right strategies and resourcing, the public library system is ideally placed to develop and embed enhanced early literacy initiatives in New South Wales to solve the State’s literacy crisis.

Smarter justice: a better way of doing justice in the Northern Territory

Prepared for the Northern Territory Aboriginal Justice Agreement Governance Committee, this report outlines the strong evidence that community-based and culturally responsive justice approaches are more effective in achieving a reduction in reoffending and in preventing crime.

Feeling the pinch

This report explores how Australian Service Union members working in clerical and administrative roles in the private sector are faring under these conditions. It provides insight into their wages and their satisfaction with their wages, their perceptions around their financial situation and the cost of...

A fine mess

Fines play a vital role in providing an incentive to discourage behaviour that negatively affects our community’s safety and wellbeing. This report looks at some possible options for reform in Victoria.

The connections that matter

This report outlines the findings from a longitudinal study of how survivors fared during the 12 months immediately after the fires decimated communities in Victoria’s East Gippsland Region. The report was prepared for Australia’s national energy consumer advocate, Energy Consumers Australia.