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Office of Impact Analysis (Australia)

On the 18th of November 2022, the Office of Best Practice Regulation was renamed to the Office of Impact Analysis. 


Australian government guide to Policy Impact Analysis

This guide helps policy-makers reflect on how policy and regulation can affect people, businesses and community, as well as its broader economic and competition impacts. The Australian government’s rigorous approach to policy-making seeks to ensure that the costs and benefits of new policy are understood...

Post-implementation review of the Seventh Community Pharmacy Agreement

This review report provides an overview of the context in which Community Pharmacy Agreements have developed over time and an analysis of the impacts of specific changes made by the Seventh Community Pharmacy Agreement in respect of pharmacy remuneration, wholesale supply and distribution arrangements, and...

The seven Regulation Impact Statement questions

This one page guide outlines the seven Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) questions that apply to designing new government policies and regulations.