UN Women

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Gender-related killings of women and girls (femicide/feminicide)

This report features policy recommendations to support comprehensive and multi-sectoral approaches to prevent and address gender-related killings and other forms of gender-based violence against women and girls.

Gender equality: women’s rights in review 25 years after Beijing

This report’s review of the Beijing Platform for Action draws on the most comprehensive and participatory stock-taking exercise ever undertaken on women’s rights, to which 170 countries contributed. It highlights gaps and opportunities and proposes effective solutions.

Progress of the world's women 2019–2020

This year's report focuses on gender and the family. It proposes a comprehensive family-friendly policy agenda to advance gender equality in diverse families, arguing that promoting gender equality within families is a critical step towards meeting the Sustainable Development Goals.

Equality in law for women and girls by 2030

Over 2.5 billion women and girls around the world are affected by discriminatory laws and the lack of legal protections. This report argues that law reform is essential for the achievement of gender equality, and sets out a framework for a multistakeholder approach.
Technical report

Inside the news: challenges and aspirations of women journalists in Asia and the Pacific

There are more women media professionals than ever in many countries across Asia-Pacific, but they still represent only three out of 10 newsroom staff, often earn less than their male counterparts and are subject to sexual harassment, while struggling to reach decision-making positions. These are...