United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime


Transnational organized crime in Southeast Asia: evolution, growth and impact

This report represents the most comprehensive study of organized crime in Southeast Asia by the UN in over five years. The report finds that recent law enforcement suppression efforts in some parts of the region and neighbouring regions have changed trafficking patterns. However, some criminal...

Global study on homicide: homicide, development and the Sustainable Development Goals

This report looks at the relationship between homicide and all elements of development through the lens of the Sustainable Development Goals in order to explore how homicide rates affect development levels and vice versa.

Global report on trafficking in persons 2012

The Global Report on Trafficking in Persons 2012 relays both the data collection and biennial reporting patterns and flows of trafficking in persons at a global, regional and national level, and is carried out in close collaboration with national authorities.

Corruption prevention to foster small and medium-sized enterprise development

This report indentifies corruption and how it undermines the rule of law, results in the inefficient allocation of scarce resources, demoralizes democratic political systems and undermines respect for human rights. Corruption also impedes economic growth. With rampant corruption, foreign and domestic investment is discouraged because...

World drug report 2012

Chapter I of this year’s World Drug Report provides an overview of recent trends and the drug situation in terms of production, trafficking and consumption and the consequences of illicit drug use in terms of treatment, drugrelated diseases and drug-related deaths. Chapter II presents a...