Infrastructure Australia

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Delivering outcomes: a roadmap to improve infrastructure industry productivity and innovation

A transformational change is needed in how we plan and deliver infrastructure in Australia. The reforms in this roadmap focus on changes to the way projects are procured and delivered, however the consequences reach into how an asset is managed, operated and maintained across its...

2022 Regional strengths and infrastructure gaps

This report report looks beyond Australia's fast-growing cities to present the evidence for increased investment in the regions. Infrastructure Australia's focus draws on the knowledge that the nation's economic capability is highest when the potential of Australia's regions are fully realised.

Market capacity for electricity generation and transmission projects

Infrastructure Australia has partnered with the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) to assess and understand the labour and material requirements for the transmission and generation projects identified in AEMO’s 2020 Integrated System Plan. This analysis aims to improve the understanding of labour and material requirements...

2021 Australian infrastructure plan

The reforms outlined in this strategy document reflect an industry consensus that was developed in close collaboration with government, industry and communities. Infrastructure Australia completed a comprehensive engagement program that targeted more than 6,500 community members and industry stakeholders across Australia’s cities and regions.

Infrastructure beyond COVID-19: a national study on the impacts of the pandemic on Australia

This report assesses the causes and lasting consequences of COVID-related trends on Australian infrastructure development.