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Attorney-General's Department (SA)

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Independent review of the Return to Work Act 2014

The Return to Work Act 2014 established a scheme to support workers and employers when a work injury occurs. An independent review of the Act must be carried out after three years of its commencement. This report is the result of that review.

Child Protection Systems Royal Commission report

Royal Commissioner Margaret Nyland and her team looked at the laws, policies, practices and structures currently in place for children at risk of harm, abuse or neglect including those who are under the guardianship of the minister. Individuals and organisations were invited to make a...

The effectiveness of child protection income management in Australia

The recent coroner’s inquest into the death of Chloe Valentine outlined a number of recommendations for improvement of South Australia’s child protection system to prevent any future deaths resulting from child abuse or neglect. One such recommendation related to income management as a child protection...

The implementation of recommendations made by independent child protection inquiries in South Australia

In 2015, the Australian Centre for Child Protection was funded by the Child Protection Systems Royal Commission to conduct a review of the implementation of recommendations made by previous independent child protection inquiries that have been conducted in South Australia. To date, four independent child...

Justice sector reform performance measures September 2015 update

The Justice Sector Reform Performance Measures report covers the three separate categories above with 11 foci and compares results for the most recent quarter with the previous quarter and the same quarter a year previous. It also plots trend data in graph format.