City of Melbourne


Economic impacts of COVID-19 on the City of Melbourne: final report

This report describes the forecast economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on both the City of Melbourne and Victoria, highlighting a range of response actions for the government in rebooting the Victorian economy.

Handbook for grassroots organisations helping people experiencing homelessness

This handbook is a framework for grassroots organisations to implement best practice approaches on standards, mandatory reporting, emergency and risk management planning and referral pathways to homelessness support agencies.

Waste and resource recovery strategy 2030

The overall goal of this strategy is for a cost-effective and environmentally responsive waste and resource recovery system. The strategy is based on the principles of the circular economy and waste hierarchy.

Climate change mitigation strategy to 2050

Urgent action is required to strengthen an international effort to limit global warming to 1.5°C. This strategy guides the next steps in reducing the largest sources of emissions in the City of Melbourne, in line with science-based targets and the Paris Agreement on climate change.

City of Melbourne creative strategy: 2018-2028

This new, creative strategy takes a 10-year view on how the City of Melbourne can integrate creativity into everything we do – not as an add-on, but planned from the start of a project, development or activity.