The City of Melbourne has adopted an ambitious strategy that will guide the way the city collects and processes waste, while encouraging a decrease in waste production.

The City of Melbourne has three clear roles in this strategy: delivery, govern, and influence others.

The City of Melbourne will deliver:

  • options to separate organic waste
  • new resource recovery hub network for businesses
  • a new expert advisory service to support an improved waste system
  • a waste minimisation and innovation fund
  • electronic waste recycling options for residents.

The City of Melbourne will improve governance by:

  • strengthening Waste Management Plan guidelines for new developments
  • reviewing regulations and permits for waste operators and bins in the public realm
  • ensuring that critical waste infrastructure is protected and enhanced.

The City of Melbourne will influence others and advocate for:

  • investment in new resource recovery infrastructure
  • an incentive program to improve collection systems
  • best practice sustainable procurement policies and processes
  • extended producer responsibility and a container deposit scheme in Victoria.


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