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Working paper

Assessment report of the voluntary pledges under Annex III of the European Strategy for Plastics in a Circular Economy

Waste management Recycling Economics Circular economy Waste minimization European Union

Improving the quality and economics of plastics recycling is a core objective of the European Strategy for Plastics in a Circular Economy. The Strategy announces a series of actions to achieve this objective, from improving product design to boosting recycled content in products to improving separate collection of plastic waste.

A key action of the European Strategy for Plastics is to call for voluntary pledges to use more recycled plastic materials in Europe by 2025. In Annex III of the Strategy, the European Commission called on industry to submit voluntary pledges in order to ensure that by 2025 10 million tonnes of recycled plastics find their way into products on the EU market.

By end 2018, 70 pledges have been submitted to the European Commission by companies and business organisations, including business organisations that represent the full supply chains for the major plastic materials currently recycled in Europe, namely POs, PET, PVC and EPS.

This report recaps the context of the European market for plastics to date (section 2). It describes the pledges received (section 3.1) and assesses to which extent the commitments by the pledgers contribute to achieve the 10 million tonnes target (section 3.2). It also provides an analysis of the conditions expressed by the pledgers to fully deliver their pledges by 2025 (section 4) and considers conclusions and next steps (section 5).

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