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Department of Communications (Australia)

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Leading indicators: third release

The Bureau of Communications Research latest Leading Indicators Report details how improved access to WiFi networks is enabling Australians to access information more conveniently. It also shows how fixed line broadband network access and application innovation, particularly streaming applications, are driving the demand for data...

Department of Communications annual report 2014-15

The Department of Communications and the Arts promotes an innovative and competitive communications sector so Australians can realise the full potential of digital technologies and communications services. They are the Government’s pre-eminent advisor on communications, in particular digital technologies and communications services. This report outlines...

Private sector use of open government data: results from the Open Data 500 Australia

The Government has released use cases collected as part of a study into the new and innovate ways Australian organisations are using open government data. The study targets companies and non-profit organisations that use open government data to generate new business, develop new products and...

Online copyright infringement research

The objectives for this research were: to understand the prevalence of online copyright infringement in Australia across four core content types (music, video games, movies and TV programmes); to understand what attitudes drive online copyright infringement behaviours; and to determine the role pricing plays in...

Digital radio report

In common with other industrialised countries, the radio industry in Australia is in the midst of a significant transformation. Traditional analogue radio services, broadcasting on AM and FM frequencies, remain popular and continue to attract substantial audiences and revenue. However, the analogue platform is very...