Victorian Law Reform Commission

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Committals: report

This report is about improving committal and other pre-trial indictable procedures to reduce trauma for victims and witnesses, improve efficiency in the criminal justice system, and ensure fair trial rights.

Contempt of court: report

The law of contempt of court is not based on Acts of Parliament. It is based on a long-standing power of the Supreme Court to protect the work of the courts from interference. It has developed over centuries through decisions made by courts.

Neighbourhood tree disputes: report

This report responds to a number of suggestions from the community about an urgent need to improve the law to help neighbours resolve their disputes about trees. The inquiry was initiated by the Commission as part of its community law reform program.
Discussion paper

Committals: issues paper

This issues paper draws on existing research and commentary in Victoria and other jurisdictions on the role of committal and pre-trial proceedings. Its publication marks the beginning of the Commission’s consultation period.
Discussion paper

Contempt of court: consultation paper

The Victorian Law Reform Commission has published this consultation paper seeking input on its review of the law of contempt of court.