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Stalking affects at least one in six women and around one in 15 men. It is a set of behaviours that can cause great harm to victims’ mental and physical health and can also escalate to serious violence, homicide and suicide.

This report is the first Australian inquiry into non-family violence stalking laws. It contains 45 recommendations to improve the ways that the justice system treats people who have experienced stalking in a non-family violence context. The Commission received 115 submissions to its inquiry, and 254 responses to an online form asking about people’s experiences of stalking.

The VLRC says that victims should have easier access to financial and practical support, such as technology to prevent cyberstalking. Victims should be supported by independent advocates to guide them through every stage, from reporting the stalking activity to accessing support services and any court actions.

The report also recommends improvements to the personal safety intervention order (PSIO) system. The system is currently swamped, so non-family violence stalking matters do not receive the attention they need. The VLRC recommends developing guidance on how to identify and prioritise stalking cases.

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