Expert panel on terrorism and violent extremism prevention and response powers - report 2

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In June 2017, the Victorian government established the independent Expert Panel on Terrorism and Violent Extremism Prevention and Response Powers (‘Expert Panel’), led by former Victoria Police Chief Commissioner, Ken Lay AO, and former Victorian Court of Appeal Justice, the Hon David Harper AM.

The panel was tasked with examining and evaluating the operation and effectiveness of Victoria’s key legislation and related powers and procedures of relevant agencies to prevent, monitor, investigate and respond to terrorism.

This second report from the panel extends the focus of the first report to include the full spectrum of policies and programs to prevent and intervene early in relation to emerging risks of violent extremism, or to respond rapidly to risks after they have eventuated.

It contains 26 recommendations relating to:

  • countering violent extremism;
  • enhancing disengagement programs;
  • changing the definition of a terrorist act;
  • creating a support and engagement order;
  • creating an offence for the possession of terrorism related material;
  • extending the preventative detention scheme to minors; and
  • creating a post-sentence supervision scheme for high-risk terrorist offenders.

The Andrews Government has accepted in-principle all recommendations.

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