Council on Library and Information Resources


3D/VR in the academic library: emerging practices and trends

This volume, comprising eight chapters from experts in a variety of fields, examines the use of three-dimensional (3D) and virtual reality (VR) technologies in research and teaching, and the library’s vital role in supporting this work.

The Open Data imperative

This report offers a series of recommendations to improve the open data infrastructure, engage a broad community of stakeholders to support the management of data as an asset, and expand collaboration that is vital to ensuring public access to data.

The future of email archives

This report articulates a conceptual and technical framework in which current efforts to preserve email can operate not as competing solutions, but as elements of an interoperable toolkit, and identifies missing elements and areas for additional community growth.

The problem of Data

The key focus of these reports is data curation, a term generally defined as a set of activities that includes the preserving, maintaining, archiving, and depositing of data to keep it secure, intact, and accessible for reuse. The term can also comprise the conceptualization and...

One culture: computationally intensive research in the humanities and social sciences

This report results from a study of eight international projects that have uncovered previously unimagined correlations between social and historical phenomena through computational analysis of large, complex data sets. How many lifetimes? This question often arose when the authors of this report pondered the extraordinary...