Creative Commons


Creative Commons style guide 2019

This guide should be used by any person responsible for creating communication materials and/ or visual assets for Creative Commons (CC), including graphic designers, video editors, developers, and professional printers. It’s also a useful reference for CC staff, affiliates, community members, and CC Chapters.

State of the commons

Collaboration, sharing, and cooperation are a driving force for human evolution. Creative Commoners have known this fact all along, and recently there has been a flurry of new research to explain why. The online communities that we’ve created together are a global platform for sharing...

State of the commons

Creative Commons is the global standard for open content. There are active CC communities on every continent on earth. When open licenses become a requirement on publicly funded resources, they have the potential to massively reduce costs and increase access to use and reuse of...

Defining noncommercial: A study of how the online population understands 'noncommercial use'

Creators and users approach the question of noncommercial use similarly and that overall, online U.S. creators and users are more alike than different in their understanding of noncommercial use.

Stick this in your memory hole - opening the doors to political debate

Aduki Independent Press has today announced the publication of a new book - Stick this in your memory hole by Tristan Clark. This collection of 37 essays uses satire, insight and the occasional foul language to critique the state of politics and society in contemporary...