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MakeHers: engaging girls and women in technology through making, creating, and inventing

This report examines how participation in maker activities can help girls and women develop skills and provide a bridge to potential careers in computer science and engineering. It examines the nature and drivers of female involvement in the maker movement and considers how that involvement...

Women and the web: bridging the internet gap and creating new global opportunities in low and middle-income countries

Executive summary From activists in Egypt to coffee farmers in Colombia, the Internet has transformed the lives of billions of people. It functions as a gateway to ideas, resources, and opportunities that never could have been realized before, let alone fathomed. All around the world...
Conference paper

Through Country Women': A proposal for the CWA's role in rural connectivity

Elected on the platform that it will advance Australia towards a digital economy, the new Federal Labor Government has committed to providing high-speed internet coverage to 98% of Australian households.1 As the official policy description explains, a Fibre To The Node (FTTN) network will enhance...