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Global warning: the threat to climate defenders in Australia

This report reveals how the unregulated political influence of the fossil fuel industry -- a murky web of connections between governments and industry -- is driving political inaction on climate change and the repression of those calling for action.

Still left behind

In this report, the authors provide five steps the Morrison Government must include in a fair and inclusive plan to ensure that residents on temporary visas, their family  members  and refugees whose resettlement in Australia has been put on hold during the pandemic are not...

Together in safety: a report on the Australian Government’s separation of families seeking safety

This report exposes the Australian Government’s deliberate and systematic approach to keeping refugee families apart as a cruel deterrence measure.

Together in safety: a report on the Australian government’s separation of families seeking safety

This report is a multi-disciplinary collaboration which highlights the Australian government’s intentional use of family separation against people who seek asylum. Calling on leading medical experts and international law specialists, this report shows that the Australian government’s tactic of separating families is not merely morally...

Australia's human rights scorecard: joint NGO submission on behalf of the Australian NGO Coalition

This report was written in collaboration with human rights experts across Australia, and it represents the collective knowledge of Australia’s leading NGOs on the current state of human rights in Australia and will inform the four yearly review of Australia’s human rights record by the...