Human Rights Law Centre


The cost of courage: fixing Australia’s whistleblower protections

This report compiles every whistleblower protection case to proceed to judgment across Australia and finds there has not been a single successful decision for a whistleblower under the primary federal public or private sector laws.

Australia’s Modern Slavery Act: is it fit for purpose?

This is the third report released in a multi-year collaborative project evaluating company responses to Australia's modern slavery reporting regime. It follows earlier reports 'Broken promises' and 'Paper promises'.
Position paper

Breaking the silence: a proposal for whistleblower protections to enable migrant workers to address exploitation

Led by the Migrant Justice Institute and the Human Rights Law Centre, this document urges the Australian government to establish whistleblower protections that would enable migrant workers to report exploitation without risking their visa.

Human rights scrutiny in the Australian Parliament

This report assesses Australia’s uncommon approach 10 years after the establishment of the relevant Parliamentary mechanism – a legislative scrutiny regime led by the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights. In particular, it addresses institutional obstacles to its effectiveness, and what these obstacles mean for...

Protecting Australia’s whistleblowers: the federal roadmap

Whistleblowers are a vital part of Australian democracy, playing a crucial role in the integrity and accountability of public and private institutions each and every day. This publication sets out the 12 key areas of reform needed to place Australia back on the road to...