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Social Ventures Australia

Journal article

Outcomes contracting trailblazer shares knowledge before passing the baton

In part 1 of this Q&A article, Elyse Sainty, one of the most experienced SIB practitioners in the country, explains what SIBs are, reflects on the initial SIBs and explores why the various parties get involved.

Partners in recovery: moving beyond the crisis?

This report examines the role of charities in Australian communities, the impact of COVID-19 on charities, their financial health, and the challenges they face in the months and years ahead.

Paying what it takes

Australian charities are being hamstrung by a lack of funding for their core operational needs, severely affecting their ability to deliver frontline services to Australians living with disadvantage. This report finds that the prevailing funding model for not-for-profits is failing to cover indirect operating costs...

Reaching potential: experiences of young people with intellectual disability

Young people with intellectual disability face barriers to accessing the support, services and experiences they deserve, driving inequities in health, education, social and economic participation outcomes. This report identifies system gaps that are driving challenging experiences and opens a conversation about what is required to...

Think Martu. Think Differently. Act Differently

Kanyirninpa Jukurrpa (KJ) is a Martu organisation – Martu are the traditional custodians of a vast area in the Western Desert of the Pilbara. These reports represent a significant step in Indigenous program and organisational evaluation.