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Demarcation zones for public policy innovation proposal to the Rt Hon Bill English

Undertaking experiments in public policy is like any other innovation – it requires a mix of disruption, a committed and talented team, and, most importantly, the courage of leaders to let go of bad rules and explore new ways of doing things. This approach can...

The changing purpose of tertiary education

In response to a Government request, the Productivity Commission is currently undertaking an inquiry into ‘new models of tertiary education’. At a time when the technological and social climate is changing so rapidly that our current model is struggling to keep up, this inquiry presents...
Journal article

Civitas: aligning technological and sociological transformation

Cïvitäs plays out in the real world in terms of how we work together as a family, a tribe, a community, a country and as stewards of the planet. Success or failure can be judged by how well we are managing, or not managing, a...

Self-aware cities

Cities are becoming self-aware. Despite re-emerging as a political force within the volatile context of a global market economy, cities are currently struggling to position themselves within a tangled network of private companies, national interest and a mobile population of highly-educated knowledge workers.

Legal instruments of New Zealand's ocean management

Introduction: This paper provides a snapshot of the legal instruments composing the oceans management regime in New Zealand. Whilst the Institute accepts that this is by no means a comprehensive collection, it has provided an initial selection of statutes, regulations and orders to illustrate that...