Mental Health Australia


Mental health, discrimination and insurance: a survey of consumer experiences 2011

This report details the results of a survey which captures the experiences of Australians living with mental illness when accessing insurance products and making claims against their policies.

Optimising psychosocial supports: project report

This report outlines an important project that aims to improve the makeup of NDIS plans for people with psychosocial disability. The Optimising Psychosocial Support Project brings together service level data from community based mental health programs to present a picture of how people with psychosocial...
Literature review

Optimising support for people with psychosocial disabilities participating in the NDIS: literature review

This literature review forms part of the evidence base to a ‘provider driven’ project to optimise the supports to people with a psychosocial disability within the NDIS.

Investing to save: the economic benefits for Australia of investment in mental health reform

This report tries to tackle a set of complex issues with a pragmatic approach to the scale of the task of reforming Australia's mental health system.

The ten tips – September 2015

The research tested Mental Health Australia’s ‘Ten Tips’, asking Australians whether they were things they did ‘regularly’, ‘sometimes’, ‘hardly ever’ or ‘never’.