Department of Planning and Environment (NSW)

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NSW clean air strategy: 2021–2030

This strategy document details planned actions by the New South Wales government to manage community exposure to pollution, both day-to-day, and during events such as bushfires, with the aim to improve public health.

Opal Tower investigation: final report

This report confirms that a number of structural design and construction issues, including non-compliance with national codes and standards were responsible for the observed damage at Opal Tower in Sydney.
Discussion paper

Too good to waste: discussion paper on a circular economy approach for NSW

This discussion paper presents an overview of the circular economy, how it can be applied in New South Wales, and the benefits it could bring.

Local Strategic Planning Statements: guidelines for councils

This guideline provides information for councils, the community and other stakeholders on the contents of a Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS), how it is made, and how it is implemented.

A metropolis of three cities: the Greater Sydney Region plan

This strategy outlines a vision for three, integrated and connected cities, that will rebalance Greater Sydney – placing housing, jobs, infrastructure and services within easier reach of more residents, no matter where they live.