Australian Energy Market Commission

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Protecting customers affected by family violence: consultation paper

The Australian Energy Market Commission has released this consultation paper to solicit the public's views on whether the energy rules need to change to better protect customers affected by family violence.

Consumer protection frameworks for new energy products and services and the traditional sale of energy in Australia

The purpose of this report is to step back from the specific detail of current arrangements and focus on foundational questions around the rationales for consumer protection frameworks in the energy sector.

2019 Annual market performance review

The Reliability Panel’s 2019 Annual market performance review provides observations and commentary on the security, reliability and safety of the national electricity market during the 2018/19 financial year.
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2020 Retail energy competition review: electric vehicles - issues paper

The prevalence of electric vehicle (EV) use in Australia and around the world is growing. A rapid uptake of EVs could have a significant impact on the National Electricity Market. Given this impact, it is important to assess how retail energy competition is resulting in...

Mechanisms to enhance resilience in the power system - review of the South Australian black system event: final report

The Australian Energy Market Commission has published this final report from its South Australian black system event review. The report identifies systemic issues with existing National Electricity Rules (NER) frameworks for system security and recommends implementing a new operational mechanism for AEMO to enhance power...