National Water Commission

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Australian environmental water management: 2014 review

Assesses ongoing performance in achieving the National Water Initiative’s integrated environmental water management outcomes. Executive summary The Australian environmental water management review 2014 (this report) is the third in a series of reports prepared by the National Water Commission (the Commission) aimed at promoting improved...

National water planning report card 2013

Provides a summary of the status of water plans across Australia. Executive Summary This National Water Planning Report Card 2013 follows the first baseline assessment undertaken in 2011. It provides a consolidated summary of the progress of water planning across Australia against an evaluation framework...

10 years of water wins: Australia’s National Water Initiative

The National Water Initiative is an intergovernmental agreement between the Australian, state and territory governments. It aims to improve the management of the nation's water resources and provide greater certainty for future investment. The agreement was signed at the 25 June 2004 COAG meeting by...

Australian water markets: trends and drivers 2007-08 to 2011-12

This report is the third annual companion to the Australian water markets report series. The Australian water markets reports provide information that summarises activity in Australian water markets. It includes information on water market structures. The trends and drivers report: provides an overview of the...

National-scale vulnerability assessment of seawater intrusion: summary report

Fresh groundwater stored in Australian coastal aquifers constitutes an important resource for humans and the natural environment. However, many Australian coastal aquifers are vulnerable to seawater intrusion (SWI)—the landward encroachment of sea water into coastal aquifers—which can significantly degrade water quality and reduce freshwater availability...