Regional Universities Network


The economic impact of the Regional Universities Network

RUN universities contribute an additional $1.7 billion to Australia’s economy. Seven out of ten RUN graduates will go on to work in a regional area.

Jobs and productivity effects of the Regional Universities Network

The Regional Universities Network (RUN) engaged the Nous Group to undertake analysis on the effects of the RUN on jobs and productivity in regional Australia. This short report presents these results, which demonstrate the capacity of the RUN to educate and place graduates in jobs...

Regional Universities Network (RUN) submission to the inquiry into the Higher Education Support Legislation Amendment (A more sustainable, responsive and transparent higher education system) bill 2017

Compared with urban universities, any cut to the Commonwealth Grant Scheme would impact relatively more on regional universities and on what they can provide for regional students and communities.

Regional Universities Network (RUN) submission on the draft possible key elements of the Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Program (HEPPP) guidelines

A small proportion of Australia’s universities, such as RUN’s members, do the ‘heavy lifting’ in terms of providing access to students from low SES backgrounds.

Regional Universities Network submission to the Department of Education and Training Improving retention, completion and success in higher education

Structural, socio-cultural, economic and demographic factors that powerfully drive trends around retention and completion impact on regional universities very strongly, and in ways that differ from metropolitan institutions.