Regional Universities Network


Jobs and productivity effects of the Regional Universities Network

The Regional Universities Network (RUN) engaged the Nous Group to undertake analysis on the effects of the RUN on jobs and productivity in regional Australia. This short report presents these results, which demonstrate the capacity of the RUN to educate and place graduates in jobs...

The economic impact of the Regional Universities Network

RUN universities contribute an additional $1.7 billion to Australia’s economy. Seven out of ten RUN graduates will go on to work in a regional area.

Regional Universities Network: submission on the BCA’s paper Future proof: protecting Australians through education and skills

RUN universities are committed to improving student access, participation and success. However, there still exists a significant gap in higher education attainment (and Year 12 school completion) between the regions and major cities.

Regional Universities Network submission to the House Select Committee on Regional Development and Decentralisation - inquiry on regional development and decentralisation

The Regional Universities Network (RUN) is of the view that regional development and decentralisation policy and programs could be improved by better harnessing the expertise and resources of regional universities.

Regional Universities Network (RUN) submission to the House of Representatives Standing Committee Inquiry into the School to Work Transition

Differences between metropolitan and regional universities are attributable to structural, financial, geographical (e.g. time and cost of distance travel) and employment-related factors that inhibit participation by regional students and which contribute to attrition and delays in apparent completion rates.