Commission for Financial Capability (New Zealand)


Impact of COVID-19 on financial wellbeing: key findings from a national survey

In April 2020 during the last two weeks of Level 4 lockdown, Commission for Financial Capability (CFFC) surveyed 3000 people on the effects of COVID-19 on their financial wellbeing. This was part of a study being undertaken in eight countries.

Review of retirement income policies 2019

This report on the 2019 Review of Retirement Income Policies addresses the specific terms of reference set by the Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs. The review raised a number of important issues in relation to New Zealanders’ wellbeing and financial independence in retirement, particularly...

Intergenerational impacts: the sustainability of New Zealand superannuation

This paper outlines a number of possible policy tools that could be used to reduce the cost to Government of retirement income support, and to enhance fiscal sustainability and intergenerational perceptions of equity.

A review of gender differences in retirement income

Drawing on international and New Zealand research, the report identifies a range of possible determinants, mechanisms and indicators that could inform future gender analysis and policy reforms aimed at eliminating the gender pension gap.

2016 review of retirement income policies

The 2016 Review of Retirement Income Policies covered seven themes spread across seven months: KiwiSaver, decumulation, ageing workforce, who pays for what, vulnerable groups, who gets what and the international picture.