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Legislative Assembly Committee on Environment and Planning (NSW)

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Food production and supply in NSW

The COVID-19 pandemic and recent natural disasters have shone a spotlight on food insecurity in New South Wales. This inquiry report examines how to improve the overall approach to the NSW food system - promoting a sustainable food supply and reducing food waste.

Sustainability of energy supply and resources in New South Wales

This inquiry examined the capacity and economic opportunities of renewable energy, including for workforces, industries and the wider economy impacted by COVID-19. It also covered trends in energy supply and exports, including investment and other financial arrangements, and effects on regional communities, water security, the...

Adequacy of the regulation of short-term holiday letting in New South Wales

Short-term holiday letting has been a traditional activity, especially in holiday areas, for many years. Managed by property owners themselves or by local agents, it has sometimes flown under the regulatory radar, occurring with limited impact and scrutiny whether or not it was actually a...