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Food production and supply in NSW 1.88 MB

Food insecurity and a lack of equal access to nutritious food were raised by many stakeholders who took part in this inquiry. Food insecurity is a complex issue, which particularly impacts disadvantaged people, culturally and linguistically diverse communities, regional and remote communities, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

There is no overarching government plan to address issues with food security and food supply in NSW. This inquiry heard that we need a more cohesive approach to our food system, through an overarching government food system plan and a food system council to oversee this plan and coordinate responses to problems in the food system. The Committee also heard that local government could play a bigger role in broader food system planning, and this should be supported in planning laws.

In this report, the Committee makes 36 recommendations and 8 findings, covering a broad range of matters relevant to the state's food system. These include food system planning and coordination, addressing food insecurity and increasing food relief, strengthening food waste policies across the entire food supply chain and system, educating communities about food waste and production, promoting community based food production, and improving the long term sustainability and viability of NSW's commercial food production.

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