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A culture of copyright

This report was commissioned by the 'Towards a National Collection' programme, to better understand the ways in which open access shapes how the United Kingdom’s digital cultural heritage collections can be accessed and reused.

The economic value of heritage: a benefit transfer study

Historic buildings form an important part of how people perceive and value their local area. This is recognised in the planning regime, where they receive protection through the designation of listed building and conservation area status. Some public-sector funding exists in the form of grants...

Panic! Social class, taste and inequalities in the creative industries

This paper highlights the significant exclusions of those from working class origins, women and those from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) backgrounds across the cultural and creative industries, which include the arts, music, publishing, advertising and IT.

Understanding the value of arts and culture: the AHRC Cultural Value Project

The Project had two main objectives. The first was to identify the various components that make up cultural value. And the second was to consider and develop the methodologies and the evidence that might be used to evaluate these components of cultural value. This report...

Leading the world: the economic impact of UK arts and humanities research

In early 2008 the AHRC created an Impact Task Force to provide evidence to Government and other interested parties such as Parliament, the Higher Education sector, industry, the press, and the taxpayer of the value of the research it funds and how it generates value...