Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia


The Australian superannuation industry

Initially only available to employees in certain industries and professions, superannuation coverage is now more or less universal – a consequence of decades of ongoing reform. This resources provides an overview of Australia's superannuation system.

The future of insurance in superannuation

This report examines the role of insurance in superannuation, and explores the benefits of the system and potential enhancements.
Policy report

Housing affordability and superannuation

There have been several comprehensive reviews that have rigorously assessed the superannuation system in Australia over the last decade or so. None of these has recommended the early release of superannuation for housing deposits, while several have made recommendations to the contrary.

Better retirement outcomes: a snapshot of account balances in Australia

From the inception of superannuation under the award-based system in the 1980s, to the now legislated move to 12% in 2025, the benefits of our superannuation system are being realised by more Australians. This report demonstrates the efficacy of our system in the rise of...

Superannuation and high account balances

Executive summary There has been considerable public debate about both the quantum and equity of tax concessions for superannuation. This has been in the context of recent government budgets facing fiscal challenges and the Intergenerational Report which highlighted Australia’s ageing demographics and the likely impact...