Australian Council for International Development


Investing in our future: building strong and resilient health systems in the Indo-Pacific region

Building strong and resilient health systems across the Indo-Pacific region will require the sustained support of development partners and donors for the foreseeable future. This report presents the findings and recommendations from a rapid desk-based review of the current status of health system strengthening in...

Health security in the Pacific: expert perspectives to guide health system strengthening

This report seeks to identify and prioritise health system strengthening initiatives that prevent impacts of health security threats and strengthen the ability to respond to these threats in the Pacific region.
Briefing paper

Elevating development to the heart of Australian foreign policy

This briefing asserts that recognising and resourcing an effective and inclusive development program as a unique national capability can help Australia work with its partners in the region to shape a world that delivers human security, peace and stability, prosperity for all, and a cooperative...
Policy report

Fit for the future: priorities for Australia’s humanitarian action

This paper has been developed by the Australian Council for International Development’s (ACFID) Humanitarian Reference Group (HRG). It argues that Australia is well positioned to aim higher in taking a principled, whole-of-government approach to humanitarian action, in line with our role as a wealthy, middle-power...

ACFID 2019-20 Budget analysis

This analysis argues that in the world of realpolitik, Australia has decided with the US and other allies that it will now 'step up' in the Pacific. But in their haste, there remain unanswered questions, policy incoherence and financial trade-offs which are ill-considered.