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Improving responses to refugees with backgrounds of multiple trauma

This monograph brings together five contributions from writers who are recognised for their expertise and experience working with refugees who have histories of trauma, including torture, sexual violence and domestic and family violence. Key points Research and practice with refugee women seeking assistance for settlement...
Briefing paper

Family law and family violence: research to practice

The last ten years have seen a growth in the knowledge base around children's need for safe, stable and secure environments. There is a deepening understanding of the harm and damage that occurs when safety and security are compromised, and children are exposed to threats...

Safe at home, safe at work? National domestic violence and the workplace survey 2011

Domestic violence is directly linked with performance and productivity at thousands of Australian workplaces, according to this survey.
Literature review

The impact of domestic violence on children: a literature review

More than one million Australian children are affected by domestic violence, according to the Personal Safety Survey (Australian Bureau of Statistics 2006). More than two decades of international research definitively shows that infants, children and adolescents experience serious negative psychological, emotional, social, and developmental impacts...

Closing the gap on family violence: driving prevention and intervention through health policy

The paper will examine the role of family violence in determining health outcomes and life expectancy for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Australia. It will also analyse and discuss how national health policy and service delivery could embrace the goals of the National...