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Background Briefing


Fiji silenced part 2: Controlling the message

First-hand accounts and leaked documents reveal the extent of the Fijian government’s control over the media and public service.

Fiji silenced part 1: China's secret mission exposed

Why did Chinese police enter Fiji and deport seventy-seven of their own citizens? Hagar Cohen investigates.

WestConnex: good debt or bad debt?

As the government talks up its commitment to infrastructure, some experts are querying whether the nation’s biggest transport project will solve the problem it was designed to fix. Paddy Manning investigates.

The extra mile: why Aboriginal leaders want Victoria's child protection system reformed

The number of Aboriginal children in Victoria's child protection system has gone up by 70% in just three years. Now Aboriginal leaders in Victoria are saying enough is enough, and are calling for a new approach to stop so many children being removed. Victoria's Commissioner...

Turnbull's faster, cheaper NBN

Overview In 2013, then opposition communications spokesman Malcolm Turnbull pledged to ditch Labor's fibre-to-the-premises national broadband network and replace it with a mix of technologies including upgraded copper wires and pay TV cables. Now, despite a blowout in the cost of his version of the...