Brisbane Institute


What's the fracking fuss all about?

This public forum, held by the Brisbane Institute, examined the energy and fuel options for Queensland. What’s the most accurate picture available for peak oil? What are the alternatives? What are the risks and costs for Queensland in NOT developing alternative fuel resources? And what...

Fluoridation and Queensland difference

On many issues, Queenslanders beg to differ. The fluoridation of water supplies is one such issue. In this piece, Harry Akers explores aspects of the history and politics of the fluoridation debate to get to the bottom of this instance of Queensland exceptionalism.

The contradictions of 'reform'

Policy proposals, nowadays, are unlikely to survive for long unless wrapped up in the rubric of 'reform'. Martin Leet explores why reform has become such an obsession in public policy and considers whether its days might be numbered.

No home and criminal justice: therein lies the rub

In well-developed, democratic countries such as our own, we have long won the battle of establishing formal political and legal equality for all. However, as Greg Mackay points out, the struggle of making this equality an everyday reality for many people in our society is...

Accountability in Queensland – known unknowns and unknown unknowns

Accountability covers a broad range of government actions intended to keep the voters informed of how the government is performing. Everyone wants accountability, but commonly only notice its absence when a scandal erupts. Invariably, scandals are accompanied by a claim that the public ought to...