Phil Lewis


Australian guidelines to reduce health risks from drinking alcohol

These guidelines communicate evidence concerning these risks to the Australian community to allow individuals to make informed decisions regarding the amount of alcohol that they choose to drink.

The Centrelink experiment: innovation in service delivery

Centrelink was established in 1997 as part of the Howard government’s bold experiment in re-framing social policy and re-shaping service delivery. Centrelink was the embodiment of a key tenet of the Howard vision for public service: a specialised service delivery ‘provider’ agency separated from the...

The gender balance; or, whatever happened to feminism?

This edition of the Academy's journal, Dialogue, features the following articles on feminism: Disappearing Tricks, by Marian Sawer Poisons and Antidotes: Historicising feminism and equality in an age of rights competition, by Ann Genovese The Sexual Revolution as Big Flop: Women’s Liberation lesson one, by...

How much of the variation in literacy and numeracy can be explained by school performance?

Family background is known to have a substantial impact on students’ literacy and numeracy results. This raises questions about whether any of the remaining differences in results are due to school performance – or whether they are merely due to random noise. This article reviews...

The future of organ donation in Australia: moving beyond the 'gift of life'

Australia’s organ donation and transplantation system does not meet the nation’s present demand for organs and is unlikely to meet its future needs. This is especially so given that the demand for transplanted organs is anticipated to continue to grow with the ageing of Australia’s...