Marian Sawer

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Morrison's miracle: the 2019 Australian federal election

This book provides a comprehensive account of the 2019 Australian election, which resulted in the surprise victory of the Coalition under Scott Morrison. It brings together 36 contributors who analyse voter behaviour, campaign strategies, regional variations, polling, ideology, media and the new importance of memes...

Equality and Australian democracy

This paper explores how the struggle between the political rights of property and the political rights of the people shaped the design of Australian political institutions and how this legacy continues to affect Australian democracy. The principle of political equality, the idea that every person...
Working paper

The battle for the family: family policy in Australian electoral politics in the 1980s

This paper explores common Australian family themes and their application in election campaigning and public policy during the 1980s.

Party rules? Dilemmas of political party regulation in Australia

Overview Trust in political parties has never been lower, but we have more and more of them, to the point where voters need magnifying sheets to read ballot papers. What is the relationship between party regulation and the nature of our democracy? How is it...

Knocking at the door? The women's portfolio from Labor to Coalition

The lead item in the Coalition women's policy for the 2013 federal election was the return of the Office for Women to the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet. Since 2004 it had been located 20 kilometres from the heart of government, relegated to a...