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Strength of organisational whistleblowing processes: analysis from Australia

This report presents the first stage of a new measure of the strength of organisational processes for responding to staff wrongdoing concerns, based on responses to the Survey of Organisational Processes and Procedures conducted in 2016 by Whistling While They Work 2: Improving managerial responses...

Australian constitutional values survey 2014

METHODOLOGY & FUNDING Conducted nationally in Australia by Newspoll Limited Respondents: 1,201 (2008), 1,100 (2010), 1,219 (2012), 1,204 (2014); Australian citizens and permanent residents aged 18 years and over. Respondents were selected via a stratified random sample process which included: - a quota being set...

Howard's social policies concerning relationships, work and families

In Australia, the federal government is attempting to strengthen families at a time when women and men have greater choice in terms of how they conduct their personal relationships. This paper for the 2007 Australasian Political Science Association conference compares the ‘soft’ social policies that...

Democratic and electoral shifts in Queensland: back to first past the post voting

Free and fair elections are the basic building blocks of democracy. Over time the Queensland electoral system has been subject to the vagaries of political manipulation in three main ways: zonal malapportionment, boundary manipulation (gerrymandering) and changes to the methods of counting valid votes. John...