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Centre for Strategic Studies (VUW)

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Firing blanks? The Arms Trade Treaty

This paper assesses key provisions of the ATT by first back-grounding its origins and contested formulation before assessing its transfer, prohibition and national control provisions, Introduction The Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) was adopted by vote at the United Nations (UN) General Assembly in April 2013...

India-New Zealand track two dialogue: geopolitical trends in the Asia Pacific including maritime security

Geo-political trends point to the decline of the Post - Cold War order in the Asia Pacific region. Introduction For several decades Asia Pacific geopolitics has been dominated by the strategic primacy of the United States. That is changing. New economic and strategic power centres...
Discussion paper

The drone debate: sudden bullet or slow boomerang?

Introduction: Growth in the manufacture, military use, and transfer of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or drones) and their associated systems proceeds apace. UAVs were initially employed on an intermittent basis for search and reconnaissance purposes, but it took the New York attacks of September 11...
Briefing paper

Syria: weighing the issues

New Zealand Prime Minister Key is treading cautiously on the question of whether New Zealand should support a military strike on Syria. He has spoken to United Nations Secretary, General Ban Ki-­Moon and New Zealand diplomats have been briefed by United States officials. The Prime...
Briefing paper

Australia’s boat people problem: is the Pacific solution really a solution?

Providing a brief history of boat arriving asylum seekers in Australia, as well as the various government solutions to cope with an increase in numbers, this paper asks whether New Zealand would be better placed, before PNG, to accommodate a greater number of people.