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Climate change: the cascade effect

Climate change impacts and implications propagate as cascades across physical and human systems, compounding to form multiple impacts across sectors. Such effects arise because of the interdependencies between natural and socio-economic systems as they change and from feedback loops that occur between them. As such...
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Melanesian tok stori in leadership development: Ontological and relational implications for donor-funded programmes in the Western Pacific

In the Western Pacific, Melanesia has been host to donor-funded leadership programs based on non-Melanesian thought and practice over the years. This article provides a counter-story of a donor-funded leadership programme which utilizes a readily available cultural model of thought and practice of Indigenous origin.
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Why Melbourne kept its trams

Why did Melbourne keep its trams, especially during the 1950s and 1960s when other Australian capital cities, the major cities in New Zealand, the UK and Ireland, and most US and Canadian cities didn’t? Melbourne now has the largest tramway system in the world, as...
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What’s it all about, Monarto?

In December 1974, when the Monarto Development Commission’s Town Planning Division asked this question, the new town of Monarto – arguably Australia’s last such project to date – had less than a year left as a serious proposition. Monarto was to be South Australia’s second...
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Town planning on display

Exhibitions played a vital role in promoting the benefits of modern town planning through the first half of the twentieth century. They helped convey the environmental, economic, and social dividends of strategic and statutory planning to the broader community as well as constituting a vehicle...