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The future of trust: new technology meets old-fashioned values

This research suggests that it is not the shift towards increased use of technology that is damaging trust. Instead, it is the accompanying move away from face-to-face contact.
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Pensions, savings and housing: a life-cycle framework with policy simulations

The paper develops a model to assess the saving and consumption responses of a representative household to a range of policy interventions such as changes in taxes and pension settings.

The welfare gain from a new good: an introduction

This note provides an elementary introduction to the measurement of welfare gains from the introduction of a new good, based on the concept of the ‘virtual price’ and standard expressions for welfare changes arising from price changes. Introduction Any attempt to measure changes in living...
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Indicators of inequality for Māori and Pacific people

Abstract: This study investigates a number of inequality indicators in New Zealand. The research examines the current gaps in the indicators between the European population, and Māori and Pacific people. The study also undertakes a comparison of the changes in the gaps over a period...