Institute for Governance and Policy Studies (VUW)


Foresight, insight and oversight: enhancing long-term governance through better parliamentary scrutiny

This report has been prepared through a partnership between the Office of the Clerk of the House of Representatives (OOC) and the Institute for Governance and Policy Studies at Victoria University of Wellington. The primary purpose of this partnership is to “develop policy options for...
Working paper

Governing the recovery from the Canterbury earthquakes 2010 -11: the debate over institutional design

The quake caused significant damage to the Canterbury region with power outages, ruptured pipes, falling masonry, collapsed buildings, and liquefaction 1 across the region. The majority of the damage was sustained in particular areas of Christchurch city and in parts of Kaiapoi in the Waimakariri...
Working paper

The role of post-disaster institutions in recovery and resilience: a comparative study of three recent disasters – Victorian Bushfires (2009), Queensland Floods (2010-11), and Canterbury Earthquakes (2010-12)

Disasters are focusing events that can drive immediate policy change. It argues that good recovery institutions provide the adaptive capacity that enables communities to recover from natural disasters. This paper briefly describes recovery processes after three natural disasters in Australia and New Zealand between 2009...

Which reform is most important? - some evidence from New Zealand

In public administration circles there are two widely accepted stylised facts about New Zealand. First, New Zealand implemented sweeping public sector reforms and was at the forefront of the New Public Management movement. Second, New Zealand scores very well on several international league tables measuring...
Journal article

The digital economy and society: a preliminary commentary

The digital revolution is unstoppable and irreversible. The speed, scope and pervasiveness of digital technologies is profound. Like every other technology driven change, it has benefits and challenges.