Peter Mumford


Policy Quarterly issue in focus: Regulatory Issues

This special issue of Policy Quarterly has five articles on aspects of government regulation in New Zealand, five articles on various topical policy issues from a range of (mostly academic) contributors, and three articles based on student research internships.
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Watching the birth of the regulatory profession

Several decisions have been taken over the past few months that aim to professionalise the regulatory community in New Zealand.
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Policy Quarterly: a focus on regulation

This issue of Policy Quarterly features two symposia, the first dealing with New Zealand’s regulatory system and the second that discussed the NZ Constitutional Advisory Panel report’s recommendations including amending the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990. The system for assuring high quality regulation...
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Regulatory coherence: blending trade and regulatory policy

Regulatory coherence has over the past four years become a term of art for domestic regulatory systems which interface seamlessly with the systems of other countries. And yet a precise or at least agreed definition remains elusive and descriptions often confuse ends and means. This...
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Governing the regulators – applying experience

Emphasising more effective law rather than more law, this paper provides a perspective from within government that argues for a better appreciation of what is required to ensure that regulation is effective in a New Zealand context.