Creative Partnerships

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Literature review

Arts in education and creativity: a literature review (2nd Ed.)

This review examines the development of arts education and its relationship to the concept of creativity. Its aim is to provide a review of some of the key literature which explores arts education, its traditions and distinct subject issues, and how these either differ or...

The cultural and creative industries: a review of the literature

This account takes a sixty year trip from 'The Culture Industry', through the 'cultural industries', ending at the 'creative industries'. Its main theme is the tension between culture and economics which lie at the heart of this terminology. This is not simply a question of...

Building creative partnerships - a handbook for schools

This handbook builds on the experience of Creative Partnerships in over 2500 schools in 36 areas of England. It offers ways for schools to work with external partners to support imaginative enquiries - bringing the curriculum to life and delivering across and beyond it for...