Justin O'Connor

Briefing paper

South Australian creative industries: a census snapshot

This document aims to give some statistical context to the recent focus by the South Australian government on growing the creative industries.

Creative Island: sector analysis 2017

This report into the creative industries in Tasmania is based on consultations conducted in the state in 2017.

Culture, creativity, cultural economy: a review

This report examines the extent to which Australia's cultural and creative economy contributes to its national comparative advantage.

Arts and creative industries: a historical overview; and an Australian conversation

This report looks at ways in which the policy relationship between these often polarised sectors of arts and creative industries might be re-thought and approached more productively.

Arts and creative industries

Australia should seek new and liberating ways to bring together the arts, popular culture and the creative industries, according to this report. The report, funded by the Australia Council for the Arts and prepared by Professor Justin O’Connor of the Creative Industries Faculty at Queensland...