Ben Eltham

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Briefing paper

South Australian creative industries: a census snapshot

This document aims to give some statistical context to the recent focus by the South Australian government on growing the creative industries.

Media blackout: Aunty’s assault on renewables

On September 27, a vicious low pressure system developed in the Great Australian Bight. As it rotated, the ‘mid-latitude cyclone’ sucked cold air up from the frigid Southern Ocean, pushing a cold front towards South Australia with 100 km/h winds. The storm smashed into South...

Arts, culture and different kinds of humbug

EARLIER this year, an amazing thing happened in Melbourne. Fifteen thousand people gathered in front of the Victorian parliament to protest against an unpopular government decision. The colourful crowd chanted and marched, sported placards and banners, and listened to speeches by local identities. What were...

Cultural policy in Australia

This chapter from More than luck argues that it is time Australia revised its cultural policy and questions the current role of the Australia Council. In early 2010, more than 15,000 people gathered on Bourke Street in front of Victoria’s Parliament building to register their...
Conference paper

Twitter free Iran: An evaluation of Twitter's role in public diplomacy and information operations in Iran's 2009 election crisis

Social media platforms such as Twitter pose new challenges for decision-makers in an international crisis. We examine Twitter's role during Iran's 2009 election crisis using a comparative analysis of Twitter investors, US State Department diplomats, citizen activists and Iranian protestors and paramilitary forces. We code...